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Cleopatra, Gattefosse and Aromatherapy

The history and usage of essential oils dates back to thousands of years ago but the beneficial effects of it make it a reality.

cleoAncient Egyptians have known to have sildenafil citrate used essential oils for its fragrant and therapeutic properties. Queen Cleopatra was known for her everlasting university of waterloo canada pharmacy beauty and lavish beauty regimes. The secret behind her youthfulness was fermented milk baths, infused with the essence of Jasmine, Myrhh and Rose, extracted in the form of essential oils. She also scented her room and ships with Jasmine and Rose oils. You may recall I spoke about how Basil was used as a ‘strewing’ herb in my previous post. All this reconfirms that essential oils have a rich  history of evolution, running alongside famous historic characters.

One may ask the question, how the use of essential oils obtained the title of ‘Aromatherapy’.During his research in the 1920’s on the fragrances of essential oils, Chemist Rene Maurice Gattefosse stumbled upon the healing properties of Lavender. While working one night he burnt his arm and without thinking, dipped his hand in a jar of Lavender essential oil. To his amazement the healing and recovery process was much faster and had very little scarring and blistering. Maurice spent the rest of his life exploring the therapeutic properties of essential oils and thus coined the term ‘Aromatherapy’.

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