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Combo pack

Combo pack


Products: Clay Diffuser, 4 t-lights and Orange, Peppermint, Lavender, Ylang Ylang essential oils
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Clay diffusers also known as aromatherapy diffusers are devices used to disperse essential oil fragrances and its therapeutic properties into the air.

Ylang Ylang(Cananga Odorata)

Therapeutic properties: Soothing, erotic and euphoric

Lavender (Lavandula officinalis)

Therapeutic properties: Head clearing, calming, balancing, refreshing, relaxing, soothing

Orange(Citrus sinensis)

Therapeutic properties: Euphoric, uplifting, cheering

Peppermint (Mentha piperita)

Therapeutic properties:  Refreshing, stimulating, restorative

 How to use a diffuser?

Step1:  Pour water into the diffuser (to the depression on top)

Step2: To the water add 4 to 5 drops of essential oil

Step3: Light the t-light (candle). One t-light will burn for 4hrs.

Step4: Keep it in the corner, wait for 15min and the diffuser will do its magic

Here are some interesting spaces you can place your Truly Essential diffuser

Bedroom: Quite reflection, peace and meditation

Bathroom: De-stress, Calm and soothe

Living room: Awaken your senses

Kitchen: Fresh, clean and refreshing


  • Make sure the diffuser is not kept next to any flammable items
  • Keep away from children
  • After some time the water will reduce make sure you keep adding it timely

Advantages of using a clay diffuser

  • Eco friendly
  • Heats up faster
  • Diffuses faster

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