After Upperlip & Eyebrow Threading & Wax Gel


Aloe vera gel with Lavender and Pomegranate seed oils



Aloe Vera gel with Lavender and Pomegranate seed oils

Truly Essential Aloe vera gel and 100% pure essential oils are an effective combination which nourishes, moisturizes and soothes skin. An excellent after threading/waxing remedy as it immediately heals, repairs and reduces any rashes and closes open pores.

Directions of use: Apply liberally to skin immediately after threading to instantly cool, repair and soothe. Massage gel gently into the skin and leave on for a few seconds to completely absorb and dry.

Truly Essential Promise

Your health and wellbeing is most important to us. At Truly Essential we stand by our products and aim to provide you 100% quality. When it comes to your health you deserve nothing but the best.


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